Straighten Teeth

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Malocclusion. In simple terms it is the treatment of teeth that are not in the right place.  With modern technology we can eliminate unsightly or difficult to maintain spaces, correct overloading and crossing, and move teeth into their perfect position.

This service provided by Dr Konstantina Bontari provides options for adult patients with cosmetic issues associated with ‘crooked’ teeth. Even minor orthodontic movements can result in a dramatic improvement in appearance and can avoid the need for potentially destructive and irreversible crowning and veneering of teeth.

FAQ about orthodontic treatment

Have any questions about orthodontics? Look at our frequently asked questions for your answers.

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Top Tips during your orthodontic treatment

faq braces

Braces are complex and delicate, and requires a good deal of care if it is to work properly. To prevent damage to it you must avoid hard sticky foods, especially chewing gum.

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