Patient Journey

Initial Inquiry/Referral

Upon initial inquiry or referral, one of our experienced team members will arrange a consultation, this will be done around your timetable and we will arrange a date which is best for you. During this consultation, we will go through a number of options and discuss what treatment is available for you, this may include any information you require. We look to build a relationship of trust between our practice and patients. We will provide everything you’ll need, whilst giving you an easy and relaxed environment. Unlike many heavily marketed dental practices, we pride ourselves on the results we get and the experience the patients receive. We only recommend the best options for you.


One of our practice members will then go through all the information required and then answer any questions to allow you to to make informed choices.

1st Appointment

One of our specialist orthodontists will gather dental records, take digital photographs and X-Rays which will then be used to give you a practical demonstration in regards to how each individual brace will work. During this appointment we will listen to any specific concerns of the patient and their expectations towards our specialist practice.


Fitting of appliance and hygiene.

After your consultation, measurements and of course your decisions, if you would like to have treatment with us, we will schedule an appliance appointment. On your first appliance appointment, you will meet with one of our orthodontists and have your appliance fitted, this can take anything from 15-60 minutes, this does vary from patient to patient. Once your braces are fitted, our orthodontist may advise you on cleaning your brace to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene throughout the treatment entire process. We will instruct you on how to care for your braces and give you a free care pack to take home.


 Removal of your braces & Fitting of retainers

Once treatment is complete, you will be given a set of retainers specifically made to fit your new smile. Retainers are to be worn as instructed by your orthodontist and are used so that the teeth do not revert back towards their old positions. Typically you will need to wear these at night, making sure you wear your retainers is an extremely important part of treatment process as without consistent use you may run the risk of relapsing, this means your teeth may end up back in the original position before you underwent treatment.


Once your braces have been removed, we will continue to review and monitor your progress to make sure you get the best results possible. We welcome any questions at any time and one of our highly experienced team members can help you with any concerns you may have once your brace has been removed. Here at Old School House orthodontics our aim is to make sure all of our patients receive the best possible treatment both during and after treatment.

We’d love to see you at Old School House Orthodontics. Helping people achieve their great smiles whilst offering a friendly and relaxed environment is what we have set out to achieve. Join us today by booking a consultation so we can prove to you that OSH is the best practice for you.